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Gladys 11/03/2017
Gilead’s Balm is a beautiful, peaceful and welcoming place, I am thankful to God for putting in my path such place like this, I was able to have a wonderful conversation and God’s giving direction over some things I needed guidance. Thank you for being abaliable to God’s calling my friend, you are a very special person God bless you and multiply your blessings!


Hilltop staff retreat 11/03/2017
1. Balm was so enjoyable, beautiful grounds and perfect weather!
2. Marnie is a great speaker. Her words and wisdom hit each one of us!
3. The food was amazing. It was delicious and not something a lot of us make for ourselves at home.
4. Message was on point and your personal story was touching and unbelievable.

My Gilead’s Balm Stay

Peggy L 11/01/2017
1. Communication
I found all communication with marnie clear and concise.
(If not please explain after each number)
Making the reservation, being met with love, having all of my needs being met, made this an amazing experience!

2. Facility (in/out)
Gilead’s Balm was clean, comfortable and peaceful.
I felt like I was at home! It was clean and comfortable. There was no strong smell just to clean smell of being well taken care of. I found I had a wonderful experience with the Lord! The home, the in the experience all very peaceful.
3. Food.
The food was presented nicely and of good quality. The portion was adequate
Absolutely wonderful food. I have some interesting food issues and Marnie was able to provide the most amazing Healthy and appropriate and delicious foods. I left with new recipes that I could use. The portions were just right. The presentation made me feel like I was in a five star hotel, the comfort made me feel like I was at home!

4. Counsel. The counsel received was given in a loving and prayerful way. It was scripturally based. I felt it was Godly and left encouraged
Marnie is a spirit lead woman! In the several visits I made each time I came with different needs and each time I was met right where I was. It is clear that Marnie spends a lot of time in the Lord in order to minister to her guests. Praise the Lord!

5. I felt I was given adequate time for peaceful reflection and felt comfortable enough that I could have questioned or asked for any specific need I might have had
Yes yes and yes. I did not feel pushed to any schedule. Marnie showed up on something is needed! She has an uncanny way of being aware of the needs of her guests.
Again, the word uncanny would better be intuitive, and peaceful!

5. Overall feedback

Come by! Only you can decide. My experience was personal and I brought two other women to her home in each of them also had a personal and inspirational experience!

Healing balm

Laurie 04/15/2017
Thank you Marnie'. the gift hospitality allows an atmosphere of safety and comfort. Our Lord always performs his surgery in these conditions. Thank you for your discernment and prayers. Having a sister come alongside and share perspective is being the body of Christ.

Re: Healing balm

Trish 05/02/2017
Thank you Lord, for angels on earth! Yes, Marnie I'm talking about YOU! You and your family, and your beautiful home are such a blessing to everyone that walks through the door...Touching lives and taking names!! Thank you for your prayers, your heart, your wisdom and guidance....Bless you and all do!

(Manchester, NH)

A great time of fellowship

Noreen Chase 03/26/2017
This was one of the best times of fellowship I've had. Marnie has a lot of insight and wisdom and it was great to spend some quiet, peaceful time together. I look forward to returning again!

Re: A great time of fellowship

Noreen 04/15/2017
A real delight to meet with you!

Times of refreshment and reenergizing

Kristal Tanguay 02/13/2017
I was so nurtured and nourished by my time in your home. I left refreshed and excited to go home and be a mom and love my kids. My mind was renewed and my spirit lifted. I left knowing I can be a good mom and wife. And had some practical tips on how to make parenting fun for me and my kids. It was exactly what Hebrews 10:24 talks about with stirring one another to love and good works. I came home and right away put into action one of the very practical things that you shared with me about how to encourage my children to sleep through the night. They are very excited to earn their rewards and I am excited to get some rest! We also made out our list of meals for the next week and I am excited to go grocery shopping! My time with you has helped me to refocus and get back on the band wagon so to speak. And I know I have a real encourager in you that I can reach out too when the slope starts to get slick again. TY so much for the hope you filled my heart with, the truth you filled my mind with and the love you showed me tonight. It was just what I needed. I will certainly be sending more mom's your way.

4 hours of time well spent

Natalie 01/12/2017
4 hours with my friend. We caught up. She listened. We prayed. There was sweet connection. I am so very thankful for the many years I have known Marnie and had the privilege of time with her in her living room - a portal of God's grace and manifest presence. I am looking forward to more times of refreshing!!!!

Thank you

Mary Donnelly 11/30/2016

Thank you so much for taking the time to minister to me and speak into my life. I can't tell you how nourishing it was to my spirit to have someone not just listen but pour out words of wisdom with such grace and love.

You have been such a blessing to me and I pray you are blessed in return for your investment in others. I am a visual person and I love the imagery you use when describing things that God has showed you. I have already shared one several times over :)

I always walk away thinking, I want more of what she has.

Blessing sister,



Jean Rotch 10/03/2016
Thanks so much for accommodating me on short notice! It was a God ordained respite and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere else. I came away refreshed, enriched, and so very grateful for our newfound friendship. You encouraged and blessed me in more ways than you could possibly know and I'd LOVE to come back to Gilead's Balm sometime. Your home is beautiful, the food is terrific, and the atmosphere is superb! Having you available to talk with was a special bonus - you have tremendous wisdom and are a great encourager. Again, I say thanks for your hospitality and I would recommend your place heartily!

A Respite

Jeff and Bev Anderson 09/21/2016
Who would want to stay in a hotel when you can stay in heaven? Huge house, warm company, Christian fellowship, comfy beds, good-sized rooms...all for way less than some motel chain. We have known the owner for 43 years and she is what faith is all about. You would be disappointed if you passed this opportunity by. It is more than a is a home. Come in and relax, crash, pray, rest.


Cynthia 07/24/2016
Dear Marnie:
Thank you for opening up your Heart, Your Home and Your Gardens to me. Thank you for treating me to a very delicious dinner and for sharing all that you did. I thoroughly enjoyed and am so very glad that I had the opportunity to meet and share and sup with you. I was really blessed and encouraged.

I am in awe of your strength and humility and obedience unto the Lord. Gilead's Balm is a place of Peace and I can see how many may come to be touched in this Beautiful environment and with all the Love that resides in Person and Place of Heart.

Thank you Marnie

Love and Blessings

A surprise that answered a prayer

Alyssa 07/20/2016
I had no plans for the day but received a text from a great friend and spiritual mom asking me if I would like to go to a profectic dance class that evening and before that stop at the gardens of some place I had never been. I responded with sure I would love to come and had no idea what was in store for. We drove down to a home surrounded by gardens and I was surprised. I thought where I was going was a park and not a home as we pulled in. I got out of the car and we went to say hello and I did not know before seeing her open the door that this was Marnie's home. She welcomed us in and gave us a tour and explained all about her place of rest. Little did she know that in this moment this was exactly what I needed. I chose a spot on the grass and sat and prayed and spent time in the Lord's presence. He spoke to me in that place on the ground in the garden just what I needed to hear but not necessarily what I wanted to hear. Then he stirred in my heart to do what I often don't do, ask for prayer. Marnie welcomed me back inside as I asked if she would pray for me. I shared what I had been dealing with and what the lord was speaking to me. She then shared her heart, wisdom, and mother's knowledge with me through practical advice and personal stories. I was deeply moved as she spoke and left with a clear sense of direction of what I need to do to live the life God was calling me to live right now in this season. I will forever be greatfull to God for answer my prayer through this place and this amazing women of God.

My first and peace

Mary Donnelly 07/20/2016
Marnie, thank you so much for the delicious luncheon and rich conversation. I felt a sense of peace the minute I walked through the doors and I left feeling refreshed and uplifted. I can't wait to come back again :)

Rest & receive

Konnie 03/04/2016
Sitting in a garden area at Gilead's is a perfect way to rest and receive inspiration from the Lord. I have a notation in my Bible from one particular day at Gilead's when I received an answer to a prayer. Thank you, Marnie for opening your home for your ministry of hospitality and hope!

A trusted servant

Trish Ayers 03/04/2016
After a few years of turmoil in a particular area of my life, I had an armful of things to sort through. I changed the course of my life in order to do this. And here I stood, ready to dig up roots and begin a process of replanting. But, how?

Marnie came to mind. I didn't know her well but I had been there with a group of women once before and was moved by the gifts that I found in fellowship and hospitality.

I set up an overnight with Marnie. I could write in depth and make this an essay! And I would love to. But, suffice to say that I was greeted with warmth, as though we were old friends. I didn't know how to begin anything. I decided that I would simply be there and allow conversations to flow and to have a willingness to be transparent.

From the first cup of tea together - I still couldn't explain it - but without any agenda we got to a matter that I didn't even know was a matter. And that began my time there of unraveling things deep within.

By the time I left I was changed. My perspective and my heart were literally changed. These were not counseling sessions. These were woman to woman conversations saturated by the Holy Spirit who is able to pull things to the surface.

I could use a lot of words to describe Marnie but from my time there I would say she is a trusted servant of the Most High. The Holy Spirit can move the way that He does because He can trust Marnie for her part. She is an instrument of His work.... His love, His wisdom, His truth, His righteousness, His revelation...

... AND can she cook! I'm not kidding!! I enjoyed every morsel of what Marnie served. (And after watching me make my first cup of tea, she knew how to prepare it perfectly - that was special. For the little things too, Marnie - thank you)

In love and new friendship,

A place of peace

Danette 02/27/2016
I Praise and thank our Lord Jesus for blessing me with such a loving sister. Marnie, through your love for Him, and your desire to serve, Gilead's Balm is where I was able to seek Refuge from the muck and fog that the world left me in. Through prayer, the presence of the Holy Spirit and your kindness, I left refreshed and covered in God's grace. Thank you, thank you!

Thank you Lord!

Sheila Casey 02/26/2016
Gilead's Balm is Holy Spirit , heart felt hospitality at "its" best!


Mary Jo Higgins 02/26/2016
I must say I miss seeing this page each morning. It was a very nice way to start my day. Hope to see it back very soon. This year I started keeping a Blessing's Jar, each day I write on paper a blessing I had during the day. Too see this wonderful page back would be a very great blessing and would make it into the jar.

Peace, Relax, Respite,....

Maureen M. 02/26/2016
I have been to Marnie's-Gilead's Balm on more than one occasion. The set up of the house is so welcoming. The garden out back is beautiful, and I have always left there better than I came in. Marnie will be as involved in the visit as much or as little as you would like. She will pray with you and I assume for you if you do not have her involved. I have always enjoyed her company. Take time for yourself and bring a couple of friends you will not regret it. Having small get parties at her residence would be fun. The food is great, and different. She really puts a lot into your visit to make it special.

Thank you

Cathy 02/26/2016
Thank you, Marnie for being the beautiful woman of God that you are..inside and out. Love your home and feeling of rest when we enter your home. I could say and sit for hours with you. I hope to find time again. Love you.


Amy 02/26/2016
I am so thankful for the ministry of Gileads Balm. It is truly a place of rest and rejuvenation. I always meet God here, His presence is thick. Can't wait for my next visit.
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