Friends and Family 

Gilead's Balm is blessed to have a growing group of financial supporters that believe in this ministry. 

These are men and women who have visited, counseled and supported Marnie in this "walk of faith". 

 To become part of the Family, one is asked for a donation of at least $10.00 per month.   

  A "Friend" of the Balm can also be part of the "Family". These individuals have a vested interest in this ministry and desire to be part of Marnie's  personal support group . 

They also commit to pray for and actively hand out the ministry's cards as they are led. 

If you would be interested in being part of the Friends or Family of Gilead's Balm please contact Marnie for further details.

Thank you for your consideration.

Friends Past and Present

Pam Rooney, Arlene Campbell, Natalie and Bryan Larson, Jim and Lydia O'Leary, Tammy Groleau,  Florence Wadman, Pam Brady, Dan and Heather Wilson, Jodi Coppeta, Dianna York, Becky Knowles,  Lois MacDonald, Sharon D'Ancona, Eleanor , Jean Khanbegian,  Jackie McNeil, Gary and Dianne Clark, Billy and Emmalie Arvidson, friend, Bob Kinsman