Isn't this a home?


Yes Gilead's Balm IS Marnie's home.  Her children have all left the nest and she has taken a "wing" of the house and dedicated it to this cause. Her home, at large, has been dedicated to the Lord's work and she counts it a priviledge to welcome you!

What happens when I make an appointment to come to Gilead's Balm.


Marnie will be sure to welcome you with open arms!  You will be offered refreshment and your visit will be fashioned to your needs.  Some have come to just "soak" ( feet up in quiet~~ listening to worship music).  Others come for direct one on one and prayer. Whatever your need we will try our best to make you feel at home.

Are the grounds available for personal use?


Yes!  There are times that Marnie has driven in to find a woman or two quietly sitting in one of the garden spots.  The yard is open although she does suggest that you call ahead so that you do not have to be bothered with the gardener (her) or a loud lawn mower!

What kind of experience does Marnie have?


Marnie has lived over half of a century, raised 12 children and worked and ministered with and to women for over  35 years.  She has lived through a divorce, experienced all the ups and downs that go with being a single parent and is now busy with 15 grandchildren.  She speaks with authority from years of Bible Study and practical common sence.  Come have a chat you won't leave disappointed!

What is the "Charge" for an appointment with Marnie?


Remembering that Gilead's Balm is a  Faith Based ministry, Marnie accepts donations for her time with you.  The Luncheons, Get Aways etc have suggested donation prices but the One on One is totally left in the Lord's hands.

If I happen to be in the area can I book an overnite stay?


YES!!  Many would love to find a lodging place with a Christian atmosphere when they are on the road.  You will find that at Gilead's Balm. Check in at 7pm and Check out at 10am.  Please see the "Offerings Page" for more details

It's hard to imagine spending a respite in someones private home.


Marnie is equipped and experienced to make your stay profitable and enjoyable.  She will request a meeting with you prior to your stay where you both will go over the details of your visit.  She will be as available as you would like her to be.  Your room will be lovely and inviting and your meals served to please.  Some come to "work" thru various  issues  and/or get spiritual guidance ~ others for pure relaxation and some again come as a  treat for themselves.  You will not be disappointed. 

How can I become a Friend or part of the Family of Gilead's Balm?


A "Friend" of the Balm makes a donation of at least $10.00 per month to the ministry.    You can pay this in a one time payment, monthly or whatever is convenient for you. 

You are sowing into the lives of others and aiding Marnie in keeping tea in the teapot!!  Gilead's Balm was the Lord's idea.


To become part of the "Family" of the Balm means you will not only donate but desire to be kept informed of upcoming decisions and details.

Thank you Friends and Family!!

Would my Pastor's Wife benefit from a stay?


Oh Yes!!  Marnie has felt since the Balm's door opened that this is a perfect gift for a Pastor's wife...or anyone in ministry.  Pastor's wives often live in a fishbowl with few intimate friends.  Gilead's Balm is a safe place for them to come and relax, refresh and refocus!  Talk to your church leadership today about gifting her a stay!

What should I expect?

Gilead's Balm is not a FANCY place.  It is a home.  If you visit in the winter months you  might find yourself sitting beside a woodstove in the basement, reading a book by the fireplace  or snuggled in bed with a warm "cornbag" at your feet.  Remember this is a home where 12 children grew up!  The summer months will entice you with gardens, water  and outdoor sitting spots.  You may even decide to take a nap in the curtained pergola.  Please don't be intimidated.  Come and enjoy what the Lord has set aside for YOU!  HE will meet you here.